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Workman’s Comp

Neuroscience Associates of Northern Kentucky provides the following for workers compensation cases:

  • Comprehensive medical treatment supported by a staff with specific expertise in dealing with Worker’s Compensation cases.
  • The overseeing of each individual case by our physicians and clinical staff to ensure quality treatment in a timely manner.
  • Prompt and efficient handling of the pre-authorizations, charting, documentation, required completion of forms (if applicable), and billing process.
  • Emphasis on the patient returning to work, definition of MMI, and normalization of their lives.

Worker’s Compensation Referrals made easy…

Our office provides a dedicated fax and email to promptly handle all workers compensation referrals.  Our waiting list is typically no more than 7 business days for the injured patient to be scheduled with a physician.

Email referrals to:     Please use the form below.

Fax Referrals to:     (859) 572-3099

All supporting documents (e.g. medical records, test results, patient demographics, C-9,) can be attached to the email, faxed, or mailed to:

Neuroscience Associates of Northern Kentucky
Attention: Worker’s Compensation Referrals
2845 Chancellor Drive
Crestview Hills, KY 41017

We recommend scanning and attaching to an email or faxing directly to (859) 572-3099, but want our referring sources to do what is the easiest for them.

Our office will promptly notify our referring source, if we have difficulties contacting or scheduling the patient for any reason.

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